About The Film

Cutting edge scientific research finds a way to erase your past to become the best version of yourself! But at what cost...

LETHE is a research study where the participants are all criminals who don’t realize that they are being studied. The study is centered around the concept that removing trauma could improve behavior… but at what cost. This story is saturated in medicine/medical ethics and, although the science is real, the application is not in line with current practice.

The story and characters are inspired by family, friends, patients, and some crazy dreams.Although the genre is Sci-Fi, the heart of the story centers around the love of a parent for a child.

The trailer is Bauer’s proof of concept to raise money for the film and hopes you will get a sense of her artistic vision. If you have any questions about the trailer, script, or story, please contact us.

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We are currently raising money for the project. If you are interested in being a part of this work through financial donations or by providing a service please contact us.

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The Creative Team

Chara Bauer


Chara Bauer is a nurse who works at a Clinic in West Baltimore. Bauer’s story is committed to telling the experience of real people in a surreal setting while maintaining medical authenticity.

Hank Vohrer


Hank Vohrer is the Lead Creator for Percepto Studios. Percepto is recognized as a creative powerhouse and Vohrer’s cinematic vision brought life to Bauer’s trailer. Visit Percepto website

Wes Throneberry & Charm City Filmmakers

trailer production team

Charm City Filmmakers are a group of passionate artists who make it possible for first time or amateur filmmakers to create films. Visit Charm City Filmmaker website

Behind The Scenes

With long days starting at 7am and wrapping at 4am, we somehow still had fun creating this proof of concept trailer. It wasn't always smooth sailing.

Between freezing outdoor scenes, last minute permit issues, and casting/crew schedules, we really had to roll with the punches. In the end, everyone came together as a team and were proud of the work we collectively produced. We hope you enjoy these behind the scenes stills and help us raise the money to come together again to make the feature!

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